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Passionately providing superior legal services and advice to the Property Industry at large.


We act for Property Owners, Managers, Developers, and Investors in a range of matters such as Evictions, Rental Collections, Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements, Structuring Investments and Property Developments.


We act for Landlords in Evictions and Rental Claims, Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements and advise on tenant related issues. We also manage problematic tenants…

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Property Managers & Rental Agents

We assist Property Managers and Rental Agents with tenant disputes and evictions in commercial and residential properties. Our clients range from…

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Property Developers

From drafting Joint Venture Agreements, advice on Construction Contracts and advising on financing transactions and Township Establishment or opening the Sectional…

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Property Investors

As a Property Investor you constantly seek to mitigate risk and maximise growth and return on investment. We advise on tax efficient investment vehicles, offer competative rates on…

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Our team’s specialised knowledge and experience ensures the highest level of care and skill when instructing us on your property matters. The firm operates in cross-functional teams ensuring that your case is examined from every angle to create the best solution for you. Our state-of-the-art software ensures that you receive automated monthly invoices, that we can do efficient in-house traces, can access the deeds office information quickly and even manage problem tenants.


Residential Evictions

A brief explanation on the differences between PIE and ESTA and the eviction procedure under PIE.

Commercial Evictions

We look at some of the risks associated specifically with Commercial Property tenants and evictions.

Tax Effective Trusts?

Can a trust be used as a tax efficient investment vehicle? Sometimes it can!…

Capital Gains Tax: Seller Beware!

Have you considered the implications of capital gains tax on your proceeds after the sale of a property?

Sectional Title: Utility Disconnection Application

A brand new and highly effective way to recover arrears on sectional title levies and utility bills.



We appreciate the nature of a landlord’s business. As such we provide services aimed at assisting landlords with growing their property portfolio and mitigating the risks inherent in letting out property. Our services include:

Eviction of Tenants; Eviction of other illegal occupants; Drafting and vetting of lease agreements; and Management of delinquent Tenants.

Property Managers and Rental Agents

Whether you are a Property Manager or Rental Agent, a small business or a listed company, we have solutions for your tenant problems: Residential Evictions; Commercial Evictions; Collection of Arrear Rent; Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements; and Training on Eviction and Collection Process.

We understand the sensative relationship between a Property Manager / Rental Agent and the Property Owner (especially in difficult times). We take great care to ensure that your clients receive the best legal advice and prompt, friendly service. We also ensure that you are kept abreast of all progress on the case so that you can always look after your client’s needs. Billing could be arranged directly to the owner or to you, depending on your arrangement with the owner.

Support Services for Property Developers

We render specialised services to Property Developers assisting them in the development process from the moment of acquiring land to concluding various agreements, conveyancing and even litigation where necessary. Our Developer Solutions include: Establishing Townships; Opening Sectional Title Registers; Notarial Cessions and Ties; Consolidation and Subdivision of Land; Joint Venture Agreements; and Construction Contracts & Sub-Contracts.

Property Investors

There is more to property investment than buying the right property at the right time. Not considering tax and risk could be even worse than purchasing a property at a high price! Our investment services include: Advice on Tax Efficient Structures; Setting up Property Trusts; Setting up Property Investment Companies; Advice on Risk Management; Advice on Gearing; Transfer of Properties; and Transfer of Shares.

As each investor has unique needs, apprehensions and circumstances, we would gladly meet with you for a free introductory consultation. This would give us an opportunity to understand your needs better and introduce you to our services. Read the content below for more information on these services.



Eviction of Residential Tenants


Eviction of Commercial Tenants


Eviction of Illegal Occupants


Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements


Commercial Contracts


Rental Recoveries


Tenant Management


Property Transfers


Property Contracts


Investment Structures


Property Trusts


Property Investment Companies


Risk Management


Sectional Title Arrears Collections



SSLR Inc. - Cilna Steyn

Cilna Steyn

Managing Director
SSLR Inc. - Elize Le Roux

Elize Le Roux

Operations Director



Sophia Georgantis

Sophia Georgantis

Phateka Maliphale

Phateka Maliphale

Attorney & Conveyancer
Nicholas Brodie

Nicholas Brodie


Candidate Attorneys

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Thobeka Mkhize

Candidate Attorney
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Claire Laurent

Candidate Attorney
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Refilwe Letaba

Candidate Attorney
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Kimrie Ritchie

Candidate Attorney



Life is short. To live without passion is to waste the little time I have on earth. I spend every day doing something I am passionate about. By doing the things I am passionate about, I live a life of purpose. When I work with passion, I am rewarded far greater than any money or recognition ever can. A life lived passionately is an inspiration to others and will increase my influence. I do not earn money to live, I earn money while living the best possible life I can!


The biggest impediment to learning is arrogance. I strive to be humble in all that I do so that I may be able to admit my mistakes and shortcomings. If I admit my mistakes and shortcomings; I will be able to learn from them. I realise that I am no better than anyone else and that it is merely the grace of God that allows me to be here. I will share my success with the people around me in such a way that they may also learn from it and better themselves. Tomorrow, I do not have to feel embarrassed when I learn from them and I can sincerely share their success without feeling jealous. I know that everyone makes mistakes so I don’t hold others’ mistakes against them.


The well-being and success of the team is more important than my own success. By being part of a team I can accomplish more than I can alone, I am part of something bigger than myself. I am patient with my team members. I teach them what I know and I am eager to learn from them. Patience and good manners makes it easier for others to work with me and for me to learn from them. I am eager to help anyone in my team as this gives me the opportunity to grow and it ensures that the team will succeed. I will gladly walk the extra mile for my team-mates and I will never abuse my team-mates. Because I am approachable more opportunities are presented to me. I am thankful for my team-mates and I am always eager to show my appreciation for them. I will build mutually beneficial relationships with my colleagues, my clients and my service providers.


I realise and appreciate that I share this country and this firm with people from different cultural backgrounds. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to interact with so many different people as this teaches me more about the world and myself. While we may all look different and speak different, we are all in essence the same. We all strive to be loved for who we are.


To stand for what I believe in and change things that are wrong I need courage. I am brave enough to tell the truth even when I may get in trouble. To try new things, to innovate and to grow. I need to be brave. I love winning and succeeding, but I do not fear failure. Only in going beyond my known abilities will I grow. I am persistent and will not give up until I succeed. Because I constantly invest in my own abilities and skills, I am confident in my abilities, but I know and admit my limitations and will not gamble with the interests of clients or teammates. I don’t fear change. Change is a natural part of growth. Because I am hungry for growth, I drive change.


I aim every day to be a little better at what I do. I realise that the world around me changes and develops at an enormous rate and that I need to continuously grow and develop myself if I want to remain relevant. I thank God for giving me the mental and physical capacity which allows me learn and grow and I undertake to not let this gift go to waste. If I grow more, I can do more and teach more. I will be able to deliver a better service to my client, my colleagues and my family, children and friends.


You can count on me. I will be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there. I live up to my promises and my team-mates and clients can trust me to deliver what I promised to deliver. I am never late as it is disrespectful to waste other people’s time. I am reliable because I am always well prepared. I don’t make promises or commitments that I cannot keep. By doing things right the first time I don’t have to redo them a second and third time.


In a law firm we deal with real life every day. While this is serious business, I will try my best to always be fun to be around. I can lighten up the days of the people around me by being a fun person. I don’t have to be silly or offensive to express my individual personality, but I don’t have to hide who I am. I am a little weird and I know that the people around me will enjoy my weirdness and my company if I am honest about who I am. I don’t have to take myself too seriously in order to take my work serious. My positive attitude makes people curious about me and this gives me an opportunity to influence them.


I realise that resources are limited. By always looking for ways to do more with less. I create more opportunities for the firm to grow and for others to experience more. Those who can be trusted with few resources will be trusted with more. Those who cannot be trusted with few resources will lose the little they have. I appreciate that long term value is more important than short term gain.


New developments in life and business are made through creativity and innovation. Everything thought of as tried and tested today was once new and original. Someone somewhere thought about it and created a new way. Creating new solutions is not only the work of famous people, it is the work of ordinary people who are willing to apply their unique perspectives to a situation and see things that other people might have missed – or are too scared to do something about. I will use my creativity and my special point of view to come up with better ways and better solutions to everyday problems.


I am in the business of people. The existence of this firm is dependent on our clients. Looking after the wellbeing of the client is not the function of a select few in the firm. It is the duty and privilege of each and every person in the firm. Without our clients our reason for existence disappears. I am in this client service industry because I choose to be here and because I love helping people. It takes a very special type of person to really care for other people, and I am proud to share my talents with other people who also are obsessed with client care. I will create WOWNESS and AWESOMENESS for the people with whom I interact. Clients deserve the best. My best is fast, friendly and helpful! Nothing is more important than client service.


I live a life of respect. I Respect my God. I Respect the people around me. I Respect myself. It is only through this respect that I can trust, learn and have peace. It gives me the courage to be honest with myself and with the people with whom I interact. I do not judge the decisions of people and I am sensitive and sincere in correcting those around me. I do not partake in gossip nor will I speak derogatory of another person. I take care of myself and my image as a sign of self-respect and respect to those who are associated with me. Respect for God will keep me humble. Respect for myself will keep me from being a push-over. Respect for others will expand my influence.


I am pro-active. I don’t wait for things to happen, I make them happen. My future and growth is my own responsibility. I don’t procrastinate. Leaving problems for tomorrow is merely an excuse for not resolving them today. Seize the moment. I don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow. Tomorrow will have its own challenges. I think today of the future and plan it. I don’t leave my future to chance. I don’t complain about my situation, I change it.

Property Rental & Eviction | The Landlord's Guide

The book covers important legal aspects of rental property management and the eviction process, written in layman’s language for the South African rental property industry. Loaded with tools and smart tips from legal experts, including handy DIY templates.

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Growthpoint Properties make extensive usage of attorney firms to assist with collections of rentals. We have used SSLR Inc. since March 2011. This team is young and dynamic and as professionals in the field of property litigation, each matter gets personal attention and the service is excellent. We have had substantial successes by using SSLR Inc. and would highly recommend them to any business who requires legal advice.

Walter Kruger

Credit Manager, Growthpoint Properties

TPN, as a registered credit bureau, is always looking for quality partners with specialised skills to help us move to the next level. Given that SSLR Inc. are experts in the field of evictions and have an industry reputation for quick turnaround times, it makes perfect sense that TPN partner with SSLR Inc. to draft and update our Residential LeasePack documents. The documents are carefully and dynamically updated on an ongoing basis. TPN recently also launched the Afrikaans version of the Residential LeasePack, which we could not have done without SSLR Inc. Going forward, TPN looks forward to hosting many more presentations with SSLR Inc. – their energy, enthusiasm and knowledge is appreciated by TPN and all of our clients!

Michelle Dickens

Managing Director, TPN

A Tribute to SSLR Inc. from Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group.

In the marketing and renting of residential and commercial property a close, mutually respectful relationship between a national estate agency group and a frim of attorneys can be highly advantageous to both parties. The Rawson Property Group can testify that their relationship with Johannesburg attorneys SSLR Inc. has been especially fruitful. This relationship goes back two years to the time when the firm was known as Steyn, Steyn Attorneys. Last year they became SSLR and we have maintained our connection with them. On our side we rapidly became aware that this firm’s specialisation in the legal aspects of property law, particularly pertaining to rental agreements, put them in a position to be extremely useful to a group such as ours in which the rental operations have always been important, and the rental franchises are now growing exponentially. We commissioned SSLR to update our national lease agreement, and we can report that the document they produced has been the foundation of many successful rental contracts: it is both comprehensive and easily understood and is now being used by all our rental franchisees and agents. SSLR’s knowledge of and experience in one of the most difficult and unpleasant aspects of rental law, evictions, has proved especially valuable. On the training front I am happy to record that the Rawson Group has been regularly assisted by Cilna Steyn and Peter Mennen of SSLR, who have regularly given explanatory talks to our rental agents. In these the focus on renal contracts, which can be open to misinterpretation, and the handling of recalcitrant tenants, particularly those who fall behind on their rental payments, has been noticeably beneficial. In many cases we have also found that the fastest and best solutions to tenant problems have been achieved by asking SSLR to become involved, and I can again testify that their service has always been wholly professional and effective.

Tony Clarke

Managing Director, Rawson Property Group

I have been dealing with, Elize Le Roux at SSLR Inc for a number of years now. As a rental agent it is imperative that I have a good attorney who understands the rental Acts and laws as more and more tenants tend to default. It is always a pleasure to deal with them and no problem is too big or too small. Their service is professional but friendly and at all times they are willing to assist. Phone calls and e-mails are promptly returned and replied to. In this day and age where service does not seem to be a priority for a lot of people, SSLR is like a breath of fresh air and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is having a problem with a tenant.

Marianne Banks

MB Properties


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